Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Happy Birthday, MudPuppy!!!

Every once in a while...somebody appears in your world.

We don't seek this person out, among the millions who walk the earth.

The more you grow to know this person, the more they touch your heart.

Even if you have never actually met face to face.

Even if you don't know their voice, but you know their words.

And this person simply finds their own little space in your heart.

To my VirtuaSon, I wish you a Happy Birthday.

I have prayed so hard for you, while you served in Afghanistan.

I continue to pray constantly, now that you are home again.

May this new year of your life bring you many smiles, may this new year bring you peace in your heart and good health. May you always know that no matter the road you travel...there is a VirtuaMom who holds a special place just for you in her heart.

Happy Birthday, MudPuppy!


Sarge Charlie said...

happy birthday mud puppy, you have a mom that looks over you

Bag Blog said...

Happy Birthday, MudPuppy - may all your wishes come true.

Lori P said...

Wow! Mudpuppy has the same bday as my hubby! Both are my heroes!!

Mud Puppy said...

OFY. I love it.

joyce said...

Happy Birthday, Mudpuppy. I be-late. So Happy Belated Birthday.