Monday, July 19, 2010


AirmanMom's world is spinning rather slowly, which is a good thing.

I've been working 5 days/week, which is truly kicking my booty. In case you have not heard, the D.C. area is experiencing record heat this summer! Garden Center work in the summer is very boring and yep...very hot! Oh yeah, and an earthquake hit our area last week. Hubster wakes at 4:30am, so he was up and moving about. He actually came in and gave me a kiss minutes before...but alas I slept right through the actual event. I'm guessing... finally I am catching up on all those years of sleep deprivation, which 4 babies will cause!

B's visit home was simply awesome. It was so good to sit across a table and look at him, listen to his words and see that he is alright! We had my oldest daughter, her husband and three grandgirls over one afternoon...we spent a little bit of time tossing 'parachute men' over the deck. The little ones adore Unc B! I soaked up every moment...pure joy!

The end of June was the celebration of my baby girl's 30th birthday! It's so crazy to think it was thirty years ago, I held this sweet child in my arms. She was by far my most 'challenging' of children as a baby. Time passes and as she outgrew being a difficult little one, she more than compensated in the Joy Department! I love her so very much, I am so very proud of the woman, the wife, the mommy, the nurse...the overall person she has become!

John is coming home the end of this month! I haven't seen him since the beginning of May! I do miss my sons! God knows how proud I am of both my guys..but I do miss having them in my everyday life.

"Bucket List Vacay Twenty-Ten' is planned and booked! It's a two-part getaway. Part One will be a trip to Charleston for Hubster's Boat Reunion. He served in the Navy on the USS Ray, once upon a time. Although Hubster has met up with a couple of the guys he served with from time to time and he e-mails another handful of them...this will be the first Reunion he has attended. We figured as long as we are driving all the way to Charleston, SC we might as well add a few more miles and catch a Braves game at Turner Field in Atlanta. Then it dawned on me, that a blogging buddy, CoffeyPot lives in yep! We are going to meet the one and only Mr. CoffeyPot! I'm truly looking forward to meeting this guy! We'll return from Charleston, work for a couple days... then catch a flight to Chicago! We'll catch a Cubs game at Wrigley, drive to Milwaukee to watch the Brewers and yes.... the absolute highlight of the trip will be attending an Orioles vs. White Sox game with MudPuppy! I don't even have words to describe how I feel about meeting my SoldierSon! Over two years ago, I began reading his blog. While he served in Afghanistan for a year, my prayers were constant for his safety. I sent him boxes of stuff to try to show him my appreciation for his service. My blog featured updates on how he was doing and I learned that so many of you were lifting prayers for him as well. I was invited to attend his Welcome Home party last September, but my littlest grandgirl was born and it was important for me to stay home! It has been my hope to one day meet MudPuppy and it appears my wish will come true! So, if any of you read of a flood at U.S. Cellular'll know AirmanMom is hugging MudPuppy and the MomTears are rolling. God is great!

Summertime is here. As much as we moan and gripe about the heat and yada, yada, yada...we must never forget our Service Men and Women who are serving our Nation in a faraway land...wearing full body armor in a desert. We must never forget that we are able to enjoy the fruits of our Country, only because of our Heroes! We must never forget that we are the home of brave Soldiers who are willing to sacrifice the 'good life', in order to keep us safe and free! we move along in our lives, we must never forget!

May Almighty God Bless and Protect each and every Airman, Soldier, Sailor and Marine.

B and my baby girl with her baby girl.


Coffeypot said...

I'm getting the better end of the deal. I may not know how to act being in the company of such an awesome lady. I can't cuss every other word or spit or anything. But you are worth it.

Bag Blog said...

It is hot here in OK, but then that is normal for us. I'm just green with envy that you are going to see several major league baseball games. I have yet to see one, although my hubby takes me to see the OKC Redhawks. I do love baseball. I'm glad B is home and you were able to have such excellent family time. My grandgirls love their aunt - so I can imagine how much your girls love B. And you get to meet a fellow blogger - that is way cool. Except for the heat and work, it sounds like you are having a great summer.

vw: lediet - le diet - the story of my life.

Rie Rie said...

Sounds like a wonderful summer in the making.

Your getting to meet MudPuppy brought tears to my eyes... you "introduced" me to him (though he doesn't know it yet) and I love to read his blog. One of these days I will get back and read more of the 'backstory' there.


AirmanMom said...

coffeypot...AirmanMom is pretty darn good at spitting...that is for a girl! just sayin'
It will be fun to finally meet!

AirmanMom said...

bag blog...we'll have give you a call when we travel to Texas...your kinda sorta close to the Rangers, aren't you?
Thanks for stopping by!

AirmanMom said...

rie rie...oh please do take the time to read MP's older posts! He is a magnificent writer, a brave soldier and a good guy!

Bag Blog said...

Do let me know when you visit TX. I have a blogger friend whom I met at the Big 12 baseball tournament in OKC last year. It was so fun, we did it again this year. I need a good excuse to go see the Rangers.