Thursday, April 28, 2011

Brand New Must Share Blog

Happiness is learning of a young person making the choice to become a servant to mankind. Whether it is joining the Military, becoming a Firefighter or EMT... when I hear of a young person making the decision to leave the comfort and security of fills me with great hope for the future of our Nation.

Allow me to introduce one of these talented young people, Bridge. I've known her for as long as I have been working at the garden center...she's worked there since she was a teenager. Bridge is a hard working, dedicated young woman. She has an incredible mind and a sweet spirit. Her talents include photography and she has an eye for design. I've watched her mature into a thoughtful young lady for over five years.

Bridge has submitted her application to join the Peace Corps. One thing I find most impressive, is knowing she will leave her privileged lifestyle with technology and all the modern make the world a better place. To sacrifice time with her family and friends, so she may help communities in developing countries...actually living in these communities. She will know the challenges of these communities, the poor road conditions and exist without clean water.

Bridge is documenting her Peace Corps journey in a blog titled, Life is Calling. Please stop by to welcome her to the Blogosphere and offer words of encouragement. If you would like more information about the Peace Corps, please click HERE.

Bridge, I wish you the very best as you open this new chapter of your life!


Bridge said...

Thanks for the shout out!

AirmanMom said... the video-awesome idea to document that special moment!!!