Friday, April 29, 2011

Somebody's Son...

It's been decided by you, my faithful followers...
Posts on Fridays will consist of random photos of our Troops.

If there is one message I wish to convey to all who take time to visit this blog... every single Airman, Soldier, Sailor and Marine has a face.

These brave men and women have families who cherish them.

Our warriors have a hometown...somewhere.

They are Somebody's Son.

To kick off this new 'series' (oh my, this does sound a bit official)
allow me to reintroduce a Marine who was a Cub Scout and graduated High School with my son, John...Zachary. I have posted several times during Zachary's two deployments, asking for your prayers while he serves our country. He will be returning home in the next few weeks, so I ask once again for God to protect this young man as he steps foot once again on U.S. soil. May God bring him home... whole in body and mind. May God bring comfort to his mom's anxious heart, as Zachary makes his journey home. May this reunion bring many happy memories and tons of joyous tears.


Sarge Charlie said...

My prayer will be that Zack never have to be placed in harms way again.

AirmanMom said...