Thursday, April 21, 2011

Thursday Thoughts...

Quite often, Hubster will tell me I have a "Virgo Mind".

He's right, I do.

I think and I think...then I think a bit more. He tells me I 'over-think', I believe there is no such is simply the way I am wired.

So...for those of you interested, these are my my recent random thoughts. Please feel free to add your will give me more to think about!

Phil is now in Heaven. I believe in Heaven. I believe Heaven is our sweetest gift from God. I believe after we serve our time on earth, God grants us the gift of Eternity with those we love. Hubster's brother sat by Phil's bed the other day and told Phil to say hi to Pops (their dad) and Gene(their brother) when he gets to Heaven. When Hubster shared this with me, I cried. Tears of joy for Phil. I thought, "WooHoo! Phil is going to meet my Dad, how cool is that?" I have no fear of dying, I have no fear of those I love dying. One of my favorite songs has the words, "When we all get to heaven, What a day of rejoicing that will be!" As much as my heart hurts for Phil's wife who will feel emptiness in her day to day existence for sweet day there will be rejoicing.

As I have mentioned many times...I work in a Garden Center. I'm so blessed to have a job which I deeply enjoy! All day long, I am able to be outside...whether the sun is shining or the rain is coming down in buckets. My day involves plants and flowers...and people. Random people. Some of these people are working on yard projects, so they will come in for several days in a row. Other people are on a journey, become lost and stop by our shop to ask for directions. And I often stop to think...every person has a story. Most of the people I encounter, I get a small glimpse of how they will fill their day...and these discussions usually include planting a flower bed or a tree. Every once in a while, I happen upon someone who just opens up to me... like the elderly gent who told me he wanted to plant some flowers, since he was going in for brain surgery later this week. Wow! How did our little bit of chit-chat lead to him telling me this? I told him I would pray for him... he thanked me.

Hallie. Hallie is a mom. I have never met her in person, only through our magnificent blogosphere. Her son, CJ shot himself in the head this time last year. Hallie is so broken. She writes often of the deep guilt she carries, for her last words to her son were spoken in anger. Hallie wants her son back, she wants to tell him how much she loves him. CJ is the same age as my son, John. We are human, before we are parents. Every one of us are guilty of hurting somebody along the way. Why some must suffer so much worse, we don't understand. I suppose all we can do is learn, then move on. We can do our best to be kind to one another, and when we fall short...hope and pray we have the chance to apologize. But we don't know. I do believe that if we wake up each morning and lift a prayer to think positive and speak is a good way to start each day.

Our Troops are in my constant thoughts... I think of the young men and women who may feel the challenge of Basic Training today. I think of the brave Warriors in Afghanistan and other countries so far from home, missing their family and friends...yet they so proudly serve our Nation. I think of those serving Stateside, always on call, wearing a U.S. uniform. I think of those who served once upon a time...the memories they carry. Some memories are horrific, some are funny, some are solemn. How thankful I am for each and every one of these men and women.

Each morning, as I read the paper and listen to the news... there are days I wonder how our Nation came to this place. Outrageous gas prices, so many people without jobs and losing their homes. Children hurting children. Random shootings, with an innocent bystander being killed. But I always come back to one thought...I am an American. I absolutely love being an American. I have faith in our Country. I would not want to live anywhere else on earth. We are America. Is there such a thing as too much technology, too much knowledge...or are we so overwhelmed with how to properly utilize all we have? How can we regain our our 'old fashioned' value system? Remember the days when kids played outside all day, instead of being told they must play for 60 minutes a day? (I believe that 'old fashioned' kind of play deepens imagination and promotes creativity). Remember when we would talk with our neighbors for hours? (I believe the eye contact shared, showed emotions) Remember when giving of our time was a pleasure, not a burden? (I believe our wallets were thinner, but our hearts were richer).

So there you have it...for those of you who have stayed with me until the end of this post...thanks. Just a few random thoughts. more bit of randomness. I was on the Milblogging website browsing through the newer military blogs... and read that my blog received a nomination for Best Military Parent Blog. What a surprise! An interesting piece of randomness about this...the person who placed the nomination is a total stranger to me. Mr. Stranger who placed the nomination...thank you for the smile.

AirmanMom is a place for me to share my respect for our Troops, to lift prayers and to keep all our Warriors (past and present) in the hearts and minds of those who choose to read my words. Ok, Ok....I get to share my family with all of you. My beloved Hubster, who is my very best friend ever. My four children, who fill my heart with more love than I could ever imagine was possible. My grandbabies who remind me what is truly important in our world...innocence, joy and love. My son-in-laws who have made a promise to God and care for, protect and always adore my daughters. My future daughter-in-law who fills my son's days with smiles and love. I am so richly blessed.

Mike Zito sings a song titled, "Today".
The lyrics are perfect!
"My life is simple, for that I'm grateful
with all my blessings, I can't be hateful"
"I know that life is going to bring some pain,
but with some help from above,
I know it's going to be OK
...just for Today!"

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Bag Blog said...

I would vote for you as Best Military Parent Blog.

AirmanMom said...

bagblog...first of all, thank you for reading to the end :)
secondly, I do appreciate your kind words...however, every time someone takes the time to read my all I could ever want!

Coffeypot said...

Your blog adds love and wonder to my day. Keep up your random thoughts and milsupport, hon.