Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Wednesday Hero 07/29/2009

This Week's Hero Was Suggested By Deb

SSgt. Darrell
SSgt. Darrell "Shifty" Power
86 years old from Dickerson County, Virginia
E Company, 2nd Battalion, 506th Infantry Regiment, 101st Airborne Division
June 17, 2009
U.S. Army

The world lost one of it's true heroes a couple of weeks ago. Darrell "Shifty" Powers passed away on June 17 of cancer. "Shifty" was part of the famed E Co/2/506 of the 101st Airborne Division. Easy Company. The Band Of Brothers.

"I loved everything about my daddy," said Margo Johnson, daughter of SSgt. Powers. "He never bragged about what he did in the war. And for a lot of years, he never even talked much about what he did – unless someone asked him about it. But he truly was a hero to me. Just like he'd been to the people who know him as a soldier in a [mini-series]."

These brave men and women sacrifice so much in their lives so that others may enjoy the freedoms we get to enjoy everyday. For that, I am proud to call them Hero.
We Should Not Only Mourn These Men And Women Who Died, We Should Also Thank God That Such People Lived

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Mari said...

Thanks for passing this on. My hubby and son have seen the movie and read the book several times. He truly was a hero.

coffeypot said...

I read about his exploits in the book Band of Brothers and saw the mini-series. The men of The Greatest Generation are leaving us so fast, now, taking with them a different generation where church, family, loyalty, patriotism and community ruled the day. Not like the What Have You Done For Me Lately people of today. It is sad to see them go, and sad to see the countries values go, too.

AirmanMom said...

mari...hubster is a huge Band of Brothers fan, so is my son. Amazing group of men!

AirmanMom said... much as I do agree with you, I would hope the pendulum somehow swings back...aren't each of us responsible for the fading value system our nation now knows? If we are capable of allowing it to erode, are we not capable of building it back up? I'm not saying it would be easy, but I do believe it is possible...(in my humble opinion)

Mike Golch said...

He was and the rest of the men who served during the Second World War,are all Heroes in my book

coffeypot said...

I would like to think so, AM, but the country has become to self centered. I would take a very active campaign of moral issues and ownership of responsibilities much like all the patriotic movies and posters of WWII. However, the liberal media and the powers that be will not let this happen because it would erode their power, and they will not give that up. There are many good, responsible and honorable people out there, but the vocal liberals have center stage and the good people and their deeds are not reported. Just look at how everyone kowtows to the DalliBama. It’s people like him and Pelosi and their ilk that are killing this country and I believe we are in for a downfall. Is that pessimistic enough?

imbeingheldhostage said...

Oh beautiful-- and very appropriate tribute. Thanks again for these!

AirmanMom said...

mike...I do agree with you!
Thanks for stopping by!

AirmanMom said... all honesty, I may be naive...but I have to believe that there is more subsance to the American spirit. We are capable of making better decisions, we simply choose to take an 'easy, self centered' road. Perhaps I am way off base, it's just how I see it. It is my hope, we will wake up and become responsible citizens..realizing the world we are creating is not the world we want to live in.

AirmanMom said...

ibhh...I thank you for stopping by!

Mary said...


God has a special reward for heroes such as this man. May he rest in peace. His pain is over.


CI-Roller Dude said...

In my platoon...all leaders and future leaders are told to read or watch "Band of Brothers" for the leadership skills that should not be lost.
I former Bosnina Officer told me a hereo is: "Somebody who does whatever needs to be done when nobody else can or will do it."
A hereo doesn't look for the title...they earn it.