Monday, August 31, 2009

Monday Morning Blues????

For those of us, who have never spent a day like this...... GET OVER IT!!!!

A U.S. soldier stands guard near the site of a car bomb attack in Shirqat, 300 km (190 miles) north of Baghdad August 29, 2009. A suicide car bomb exploded near a police station, killing at least nine people and wounding 17 others in Shirqat, police said.


USA_Admiral said...

It is all about perspective. You have a great one AM.

Call Me Grandma said...

When will these people wise up?
I mean the car bombers.

joyce said...

Great pictures of your wonderful family. My boys get after me for staring at them. I just can't get enough when with them.

Any word from Mudpuppy? I hope he is having a wonderful reunion with family and friends! I keep checking his site. Can't wait to hear what he thinks of the good old USA...the liberal press...and the tea parties. Can you?

Thanks, Joyce

Coffeypot said...

USA_Admiral is right, it is about perspective. Being in that shit-hole and dealing with and supporting the scum of the earth is an everyday thing compared to what we go through. But it becomes a part of their daily life much as the rush hour traffic jam is part of ours. But that makes me even more proud of them for what they have to deal with.

And I find it interesting the responses you get from veterans, former veterans, parents of service personal and civilians. They all have different perspectives based on their experiences. That’s why I keep coming back, other than your great posts.

Hope you are back to normal now that the kids have gone.

AirmanMom said...

usa admiral...I try to stop and think, before I gripe about anything in my life! Our soldiers have it so much worse. Thank you for stopping by this morning!

AirmanMom said... is so very sad. My opinion: it is who they are, what they do. sad.

AirmanMom said...

joyce...I do the staring thing to, it's a mom-thing! The way I see it, we loved them first!

I haven't heard from MP. No doubt, he is enjoying his time with his friends and family! Perhaps he's drinking lots of cold milk and whatever his choice of 'spirits'. I pray he makes a good transition.

AirmanMom said...

coffeypot...I thank you for your words! It is all about perspective! Working with the public everyday, it takes everything I've got not to shake them silly and tell them they need to step back and take a look at the bigger picture...step away from the mirror!!! Happy Monday!

CI-Roller Dude said...

Like I say, a bad day in California is still better than my best day was in Iraq.
I laugh when I can get into line at Starbucks (for example) and a citizen complains because the double shot, espresson, latte, grande cappacinon, thingy, with nonfat milk and extra suger wasn't made just right.

AirmanMom said...

ci roller...your perspective is well-deserved.
Griping at a Starbucks??? Get over it!

Mary said...


God bless them every one. We have no idea what they are going through and our worst day is better than their best day.

Glad B. got home for a visit. I'm sure you were overwhelmed.

Sorry I haven't been able to visit lately. Things will calm down (I hope) once the boys are back in school.

Have a wonderful week, my friend.

AirmanMom said... is always good to read your words! thanks for stopping by!