Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Talking Tuesday

I've read several articles debating whether or not our military should ultimately become one large unit. Each of the services have their own distinct mission and capabilities. Is it a good idea to consolidate the branches? Should the Marines return to the Navy and should the Air Force return to the Army? How well would we weather a conflict with an Army and a Navy?

About.com had this interesting poll:

If we absolutely had to eliminate one branch of the military, which branch should be eliminated?

Army (2250) 19%
Air Force (3047) 26%
Navy (1499) 12%
Marines (2341) 20%
Coast Guard (2481) 21%
Total Votes: 11618

Your turn................


Coffeypot said...

Leave it as is, but replace Obama and the Liberals.

CI-Roller Dude said...

I'm sure if they combind, it would take years to get things sorted out. Who comes up with retarded ideas like this?

MRMacrum said...

On paper it looks like a good idea perhaps, but as C I Roller Dude says, "it would take years to get things sorted out". Right now is certainly not the time to be thinking of this.

Being raised an Air Force brat, I along with my other brat friends were sure we would see the day the Army and Marines would not be needed. We were positive that "boots on the ground" would not be necessary for the science fiction wars we envisioned. Boy were we wrong.

MightyMom said...

nope, you need them all...yes, even the coast guard who takes the biggest rap as not quite being in the military from the other branches. but each and every branch does fills a specific niche..and they each do it very well. what you DON'T want is for the US Military to try to be a jackofalltradesmasterofnone.

you need folks specialized in each of these fields. And each branch attracts a very different sort of person. think about your stereotypical personality of a sub sailor for example....then of a marine. very different personalities very different training very different skills. both very very necessary for our defense...and our offense.

christian soldier said...

keep them all including the Merchant Marine....