Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Talking Tuesday

I happened upon this 'Letter to the Editor' while reading Stars and Stripes...

Draft is long overdue
I am writing in regard to "Respect all-volunteer force" (letter, Aug. 6).

I am in Iraq for the third time now, and I have lost numerous friends and people whom I respected during my service. I find it absolutely deplorable that anyone who is serving in a public position has the right to dismiss the Iraq war as a mistake.

I was here during the initial push in March 2003, and I have witnessed the atrocities of what a dictator can do to the people of Iraq.

For those of us who have done multiple deployments and suffered many losses of our comrades, it is like reopening a wound to hear people bad-mouth this war. It will mentally break you down when you repeatedly do the same thing over and over and lack the support of the American people and those who serve in office. I can only imagine the horrific pain that Vietnam veterans have endured from a lifetime of people like "Hanoi Jane" Fonda.

I will fight for the love of my country and for the freedom of speech, but how many comrades must I lose for the American people to find their own personal justification? I am quite confident that if every family were directly affected by the wars in the Middle East, perhaps their tongues would not yield the slashes of a sword.

I believe that a draft for our spoiled America is long overdue. I thank the letter writer for addressing what we already feel.

Staff Sgt. Samantha Mahan
Camp Victory, Iraq

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Would it be a good idea to reinstate the Draft in the United States?
What do you feel the odds are, of seeing another Draft?
Those of you who served many years ago, was the Draft the right answer then?
Those of you serving today, would you like to see a Draft?
Is it possible to build our military to where it can be most effective, without a draft?
Does an All-Volunteer Military equal a stronger presence?
Is it a good idea to keep Selective Service System active as a contingency plan or should we simply dismantle the entire system?
Will the commitment to the mission be as strong, by one 'forced' to be there?
Is a Draft simply a piece of American History which will never repeat itself?

Your turn..........


Coffeypot said...

One of the reasons I joined the Nave was to beat the draft. After JROTC in high school (one year as a company commander) I knew I did not want the Army. But those who were drafted have higher respect for our county and for what our guys are going though now. I believe that every able man and woman should serve at least two years of active duty. It is not fair that some of our finest are having to make repeated deployments when so many stay at home. Not all that stay are anti-war and anti-USA, but they didn’t feel that having to answer to harsh discipline and put their live in harms way was the best choice for them. With the draft in place, their thinking would be changed because they know they would have to do it anyway. I also believe that the President of the United States must be a veteran, too.

MightyMom said...

I don't know about the draft...I'll send the link to hubby who has a far better grasp on this than I do...not only because he's 22 years older than I am...but also due to his 22 years in the Navy.

however, I must say.

That letter made me cry.

Subvet said...

Just my opinion but this puts the cart before the horse. Our military needs/deserves greater support & respect from the folks at home. The draft won't do it.

Inculcating patriotism is something that starts at the home, the church, the local community. Our national values have decayed in that area, I feel those of us who wish a return to them have to start pushing back against the prevailing mindset.

Start having prayers and other forms of recognition said for the military during your church services, push for greater recognition of the troops during holidays such as Memorial Day & Veterans Day, get involved with the local schools and see what they're doing about having the kids exposed to patriotic ideals.

In all these areas, be a royal pain in the ass. Remember that it's the squeaking wheel that gets the grease.

I've seen the draft after enlisting in December of 1970 and spending the next 22 years in Uncle Sam's Canoe Club. I'll say that the draft brings in a lot of disgruntled folk who don't want to be where they're at, don't see any reason for doing what they're told to do and spend their days moaning & groaning about their lot. They're a constant drain on the morale of the volunteers and require too much "babysitting" from their supervisors.

Keep Selective Service as a contingency, but DON'T initiate the draft as a way of instilling patriotism. As I've already said, it's putting the cart before the horse.

christian soldier said...

my sources are against the draft-harder to wield and un willing Army-military...

It is time to start being active here at home and getting Patriots into government instead of the community organizers who 'loathe' the military and continually gut military spending while voting for BIG JETS for themselves!

Mari said...

Hmmm - I really don't know. It isn't fair that some are serving repeatedly, but I think the volunteer army is stronger. I also think it may be frustrating for those who want to serve to be in with those who are angry about being there.