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(Photo by 1st Lt. Kurt Stahl : Regimental Combat Team 3)

America's Troops

Men of honor are America's troops,
our Armed Forces from enlisted to elite groups.

Every Marine, Soldier, Airman and Sailor,
are all known as America's men of Valor.

They defend the land of the free,
on land, in the air, and at sea.

Their duty is to protect the USA,
keeping her safe from harms way.

Combat isn't something they choose,
when called they pay America's dues.

Through all the blood, sweat and tears,
America's troops always perseveres.

Freedom is more important than fear,
defending America they bravely volunteer.

They sacrifice their lives for others to save,
they are in debt to those who already gave.

America's troops are valiant heroes of war,
they are America's heart and core.

America's troops define the land of the free,
they are an example of being all you can be.

Dedicated to my nephew Wesley D. Swain, PFC USMC

By Jamie Badour
Copyright 2006
Listed 12/28/2006


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