Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Talking Tuesday

In an effort to maintain "Talking Tuesday" as a lively, interesting post...I must read lots and lots of articles. At times I am amazed by the words I read, other times I am appalled.

I don't know how, I don't know where... But I happened upon a website (which I have chosen not to link) titled, 'Only Patriots Burn Flags'. If you wish to read all the words, it is only a google search away.

The author writes, "Flag Burning is a patriotic act done by people who care deeply enough about our freedoms to challenge the government when it becomes a threat to the people. Patriots who love America burn flags." He also writes, "There comes a point when the citizens, Acting as the Fourth Branch of Government, have a duty to their country to rise up and slap the government down when it gets out of line. We must never forget that the government exists for only one purpose, and that is to serve the people. That the government and the courts derive their powers by the consent of the people, and that the government has a duty to put the Will of the People above it's own self interests. When the government fails, it is the duty and the responsibility of the people to put the government in it's place and let the government know that it is, in fact subservient to the people."

Is Flag Burning a freedom of speech or an insult to our Founding Fathers?

Do you believe the day will come, this will be an acceptable form of expressing discord towards our government?

Are you capable of taking a match to Old Glory?

It's your turn......


Coffeypot said...

If the son of a bitch strikes a match to the Flag when I am around he will be shown what patriotism is (if he can see through his swollen eyes) by an old veteran. There are just too many ways to address your government without doing something so disgraceful.

Call Me Grandma said...

A bunch of "hogwash". Use your mouth not the flag.

MRMacrum said...

I will just say what my father said about all the flag burning that went on during Viet Nam. My father was a career soldier. Words to this effect-

"I do what I do to protect their right to do what they do."

I don't consider flag burners patriots. I consider them idiots. But I will defend their right to be idiots. The word patriotism falls too easily from the lips of too many. The word is then cheapened by both sides as they attempt to own the idea. No one owns patriotism.

Am I a patriot? I dunno. I am an American who speaks his mind.

Mari said...

I don't think burning the flag is patriotic. The flag stand for what our country should be and I don't think it represents the Politicians who are running it.
When the government fails, the are many ways to protest besides burning the flag, that our soldiers are fighting to protect!

Tami said...

The only time I will sit back and watch Old Glory burn is during the Boy Scout Flag Retirement Ceremony.
If anyone else wants to burn the flag I will be happy to help them wrap it around themselves before they start.

Another thing that irrates me is these people that think it is ok to fly the flag upside down because they are protesting the government. I know I am going to wind up in jail if I continue to walk up to peoples houses and ask them to fix their flag and if they are not home I am guilty of doing it for them. LOL

Thank you for your blog visit this morning. It is hard to believe it has been a year.

CI-Roller Dude said...

There is a time to burn an American Flag...that's when you retire it.
To do this, you have a bunch of folks around, start a fire in a fire pit.
Take the flag and flod it proper. Walk the folded flag to the fire, place the flag in the fire and salute it.
The Flag represents our country, not whatever person happens to be in office at the time. It represents all those who fought to defend and protect this country. It is made of cloth, and stands for freedom. It is not the only flag in the world, but it represents the country all free people want to come to.
Burning an American Flag to protest is the sign of retardation.
But you know what....I'll still defend the retards rights who want to burn that flag. Not because I agree with them, but because it's my duty.

Mary Ellen said...

I'm with everybody else - I think burning our flag is a sign of blatant disrespect. There are much better ways to make your point (if indeed you have one).

kbug said...

I've burned a few flags...but only the old worn-out ones that have flown proudly over my home until they were falling apart. I burn them in the way that you are to dispose of a worn-out American flag. Every time, I got an incredibly overwhelming feeling of reverence. That's the only way I will ever burn a flag. There are other ways to protest the government without abusing our flag, after all, that flag represents everything that's good about our nation.

MightyMom said...

"Is Flag Burning a freedom of speech or an insult to our Founding Fathers?"


subvet and another vet friend of his got in an arguement many years ago about flag burning.

the friend: I didn't spend 15 years in the Navy so some scumbag could burn our flag.

Subvet: yes, you did. That's EXACTLY why you and I both spent our time in the Navy. So some scumbag could have the FREEDOM to do that very thing.

~~silence followed~~

could I burn a flag. YUP. provided it was a worn out flag in need of disposal. This is one of two proper ways of disposing of our flag.

Now, the flag I saw stuck in the garbage waiting at the curb for pickup broke my heart. That's much worse than a person setting one on fire in protest to an issue. At least those who burn in protest realize the gravity of that which they're burning....to just toss a flag out with the cat litter makes me fighting mad.

Terry said...

This was my first visit .
While I understand in theory freedom of speech allows this ,I cannot as a decendent of many man and women who have sacrificed in order for me to maintain my right to free speech burn our flag.
It is just not acceptable ,use your words the pen is mighty.
I love and respect my flag and all those who fight to preserve my freedoms I humbly applaud and thank them for their choice to serve and protect the flag.
Blessings to you and yours.
What an awesome blog you have.
Have a great rest of the week.
Happy Trails

Bag Blog said...

I don't think burning a flag as a protest is okay. It goes way beyond saying "I disagree with my government." It says, "I hate my government."

I did know someone who flew his flag upside down, and it caused a lot of controversy. He did it when Clinton was elected President for a second term.