Friday, October 31, 2008

Fluky Friday

Reflect for a moment on the courage, the blood and the sacrifice of men and women in generations past who gave so much so that we all have the freedom to vote. Please exercise this freedom next Tuesday! It is one of our responsibilities; it is a privilege we as Americans have! Service members stationed overseas should carry out their right to vote, as well. The news of what was going on in Virginia was nauseating… there was no flipping line available for the address of a witness! ARGH! OK, this situation is now resolved, our Servicemen’s votes have been counted (I’ll calm down on this issue for now.) PLEASE VOTE!

John News: Lots has been going on in his world at Wright-Patt. John purchased a 2008 Ford Fusion! Hooray! Nice looking car-dependable and affordable! The car is perfect for a nineteen year old Airman. Ahhh… but when you have sunshine, expect some rain to fall. As John was driving himself to the ER (details to follow) he jumped a curb and kinda sorta messed up a tire. OUCH! Nobody was hurt during this fiasco, but John’s wallet will feel a pinch. Needless to say, my son was not pleased. The purpose of the trip to the ER is John broke his foot on Tuesday, while running a 15K (9.44 miles) in 1hour 22minutes 49seconds. He suffers a stress fracture, which is quite painful. This broken foot has him on crutches for the first time in his life, fortunately no cast-simply a boot. Both of my sons were Cross Country runners in High School. My oldest Airman did extremely well, actually ran in the State Championship a couple of years! B suffered a popped abdominal muscle during one State race-I knew right away he was injured as he passed by, but he went on to somehow finished the race! That is my son-AWESOME! John knew quite a few injuries during his Cross Country days. He always gave it his all; I’ve attached one of his pictures. I see pain all over my son's face!

Today is Halloween. As an empty-nester it’s not quite the same. I do miss the days of watching my kids in the parade on the Elementary School blacktop! The classes would all line up and march; showing off their creative, cute and silly costumes. The teachers would dress up as well…you could always rely on Mr. Harris the music teacher to amaze the crowds with some outlandish costume! Good memories. We’ll dole out some candy tonight…ooohing and ahhhing over our miniature visitors. Fortunately for Luke (our Mutt) I am not one to dress up dogs, even on Halloween (when I could get away with it!) P.S. I know this picture of my kids was taken at Christmas, but it is so darn cute of the four of them in *costume*.

This weekend is expected to be absolutely gorgeous! There is a half-cord of firewood in our driveway, which will be stacked on Saturday by me and Hubster. Hopefully, we can finish up early enough to take a walk on the C & O Canal. I’ve been craving Carrot Cake, so most likely one will be baked on Sunday. It will be a good thing when my grandgirl is born in January; these cravings have got to stop! I’ll most likely visit Lewis Markets for some apples, they are so yummy! As busy as the weekend will be, our brave Airman, Soldiers, Sailors and Marines will not be far from my thoughts. Truly, it is because of them I am free to vote, free to go about my daily routine.

May Almighty God Bless us all!


Wonderful World of Weiners said...

Yeah for the car...
Boo for the stress fracture!

Have fun stacking your 1/2 cord. We have 2 cords to stack.


AirmanMom said...

hallie...thanks for stopping by! 2 cords! Oh my...I guess the good news... you will finally know some warmth ;)

Julie said...

Carrot cake...yummo. Can I come over and have some? LOL

AirmanMom said...

Hope you are feeling better!

joyce said...

I have one at Wright-Patterson AFB, too ! Wow. Small world. They don't like us blogging about the grandbaby, but needless to say, we have seen them since March.

Does you son ever have funeral duty? I think my son has it once a month for a week.

AirmanMom said...

joyce...thank you for leaving a comment. A special thank you to your son! John has not mentioned funeral duty. He is going to be a sponsor to a new Airman arriving at Wright-Patt soon. It is a small world. Next time I go to WPAFB, I'll ask about meeting your son.
P.S. Thank you for your service, Joyce

Christopher's mom said...

Tell John we are thinking about him and hopefully he will be up on both feet again soon. Sorry about the tire business though.
We are headed out to watch our high school football team try to retain their undefeated status tonight and then off to take pictures before the middle son goes to the homecoming dance.
Enjoy your carrot cake, it is my favorite.

Have a great weekend.

Donna said...

Glad to hear that he got a nice car, but dismayed to hear about the stress fracture. Those young'uns heal up quick though!

Sounds like a busy weekend ahead for you! I remember fondly some walks and bike rides on the old C&O canal when I lived in the DC area. Just beautiful this time of year.

I wouldn't dream of missing an opportunity to vote! It is one of our sweet freedoms and responsibilities!

AirmanMom said...

christopher's mom...I will pass your words along to John. It sounds as though you have a fantastic weekend! Enjoy!

AirmanMom said...

donna... you are correct, they do heal quick! It's amazing walking the imagine how many have taken those trails over so many years!