Friday, October 10, 2008

Rescue Me!

HT Dog from Afghanistan to appear on Fox News tonite - Can you Help her find a Home? Tillah is a yellow lab mix rescued from the streets of Kabul, Afghanistan when she was a puppy. She had been abused and sadly, once rescued the abuse did not stop. Tillah was abused by the men who cared for the compound where she lived. When she was spayed, she was tied to a tree with no pain medication afterwards. When her owner was going to be transferred she could not bring Tillah with her and thus, was going to euthanize her. She instead contacted Homeward Trails to ask for our help. Since her owner had been a previous HT volunteer, we agreed to take Tillah in. And so Tillah's "second life" began. After a very, very long flight she arrived in the DC area scared, nervous and weary of her new surroundings. Having not been walked much on a leash before, she had to learn. She also had to learn commands in English. She had to learn that people were not going to hit her, throw rocks at her or drag her around by her leash. Tillah has now been in foster for almost one year. Her progress has been nothing short of amazing. She is playful, great on a leash, housebroken and knows many commands. However, she can still be very leary of strangers and protective of her home. Tillah has been seen by a local veternarian behaviorist and has been on medication for anxiety, which has greatly improved her ability to live in this crazy world. Tillah's foster home is soon not available and thus, we need another foster or adoptive home for this girl - soon. The person who takes her in must be a dog- savy person with strong experience in handling dogs with issues. Tillah responds very well to a strong leader. She needs a home wtihout kids, other animals and one that is mostly quiet. She would love a yard to run in but that is not required..... See Tillah and her story TONITE ON FOX NEWS 5 AT 10 P.M. And please spread the word and help us find Tillah the home she needs. Her only other option is a sanctuary (we have contacted Best Friends but no word yet...). We think Tillah deserves a happy life. You can help us get that for her!!!!

Allow me to introduce my rescued mutt, Luke. Homeward Trails is the Animal Rescue group which my sister works with, thus arranged us to meet our Luke. She has taken over 60 dogs into her home, until these dogs found families of their own.
Rescued is my favorite breed!



Mike Golch said...

that is how we have had all our catrs and dogs.Cookie our German spep mix was thrown out of a car in front of my in-laws house.the cats have found us and some we found as well.

AirmanMom said...

mike...they deserve good homes! So nice of your family to take on more members!

Karen said...

I wish I could take this one. Ironically, we have a rescued Yellow Lab that definitely came with abuse issues. The stories are very similiar, found on the streets after abuse, and the next owners also abused our "Deeohgee". It has taken us over 4 years to get our dog to relax a bit. However, we currently have the Lab and a Siamese that Tillah may not appreciate. I wish the best in finding a home to such a sweet looking pup.

AirmanMom said... is so good to hear your adoption stories! Your lab was blessed to find its way to your home.

Anonymous said...

Tillah has more than done her duty and deserves to know a happy, peaceful, and loving life in America. Bless you and all the care-givers, Airman Mom, for helping Tillah find her way to happiness.

AirmanMom said...

loon...I could not agre with you more...Tillah does deserve a safe home. Thank you for taking the time to leve a comment!

DL said...

Hi--I maintain Tillah's blog. Thank you so much for posting about her and helping us to find a home for her! You can see her blog here:

Thanks again for your help!


AirmanMom said...

daphne...thank you for all YOU do!

Kathy and Paula said...

your new friend is adorable! I have a great rescued dog story, I'll make it short. We got our dog Snickers from the pound. We brought her home and we were taking a little boy who was in foster care for the weekend for the first time. (he later became our son). Joe was a scared little boy, he did not know us, but he walked in and he said "I know that dog her name is puzzle!" This was true, as the documents from the pound had her listed as puzzle! Isn't that just like God to put a familiar friend into our house to ease the way for a frightened little boy? I hope someone finds a new friend with this great organization!

AirmanMom said...

kathy and paula... thank you for all you do, it sounds as though you have a very sweet spirit!
Love the story of the name! My son (the airman) named Luke in honor of his favorite movie, "Cool Hand Luke"