Monday, October 13, 2008


An AH-64D Apache attack helicopter takes off at sunset from a forward arming and refueling point to take part in Iron Horse Rampage, a training exercise on Fort Hood, Texas, Sept. 16, 2008. The soldiers and Apache pilots are assigned to the 1st Cavalry Division's 1st Battalion, 227th Aviation Regiment, 1st Air Cavalry Brigade. U.S. Army photo by Chief Warrant Officer 4th Class Dan McClinton

Just Beyond The Sunset

Just beyond the sunset
Someone waits for me
Just beyond the sunset
Lies my destiny
Where the purple mountains
Lie in deep tranquillity
There I’ll find the treasure
Of love eternally

Just beyond the sunset
Waits someone so fair
Just beyond the sunset
All alone they wait there
Their hair is golden
The colour of the sand
Their eyes sparkle in the night
Like diamonds in your hand

Just beyond the sunset
Lies a home for me
Where the world is peaceful
Like a paradise should be
Just beyond the sunset
Someday is where you’ll find me

David Harris


Donna said...

Beautiful photo and beautiful poem! I am so thankful for those brave souls who keep us safe!

AirmanMom said...

donna...thank you for stopping by and leaving the kind words!