Thursday, October 16, 2008

Thank you, Tonjia

Thanks to Tonjia at One Step Forward for the Perfect Blend of Friendship Award. Truly, it is an honor to receive such recognition. I graciously accept this award...however I was reluctant to post. My blog is dedicated to my two sons, along with each and every brave Airman, Soldier, Sailor and Marine. They are the reason for this blog. I am simply a supporter using the blogoshere to share the value of their deeds.

This being said... back to the the award which has some questions, needing some answers... so let's see how this works out:

1. Do you have the same friends since childhood? My "oldest" friend and I met when we were 17 years old... We have seen each other through the best and worst of times. Friendship=being there.

2. What do you value most about your friends?
Honesty and Support. Support works both ways-give and take!

3. Are your friends your sounding boards?
Always! It is equally important to be a sounding board as needed!

4. What is your favorite activity to share with your friends?
F-O-O-D! Nothing like sharing a good meal, a glass of wine, some giggles and tears. And of course...CHOCOLATE!

O.K. Folks...there you have it. A small glimpse of AirmanMom!
Thank you, Tonjia!

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